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Keeping the Kg Down

Are you more likely to eat a big piece of cheesecake if you have to write it down? Not me!

While studying what people ate, researchers quickly learned that when people are asked to record what they eat, they make healthier choices without being prompted to do so.

Writing down what you eat makes you accountable, and you’re better equipped to analyze and adjust choices over the day. You can easily see what nutrients you are lacking and how many calories you are consuming each day. Either way, keeping a food journal is a simple first step to meeting your healthy eating goals.

Always keep your journal nearby so you can write down the time you eat, what you eat and how much you eat of each food item. You may notice that there are particular times of the day you are most vulnerable to high caloric foods. Make sure to review your food journal frequently and study your diet and eating patterns closely.

As you get knowledgeable about your eating patterns, you can more easily replace high calorie foods with fruits and vegetables to reach your nutrition goals.